Grand Seiko Steel Bracelet Adjustment

September 19, 2020

Adjust­ing a Grand Seiko steel bracelet1 is fairly straight­for­ward once you know how to do it. All you need is a 1.2mm screw­driv­er. I used the one that came with my Sinn 556i, which hap­pens to be the same size.

Instead of a typ­i­cal bracelet where the pin is held within the bracelet by fric­tion, in Grand Seiko steel bracelets it is held within by two minus­cule screws, one on each side of the bracelet. Simply have to remove either one of the screws, and shake the watch (some­what vig­or­ous­ly — don’t acci­den­tal­ly knock it against some­thing) to release the pin. You don’t have to remove both screws, although it might be easier that way2 espe­cial­ly if you find the screws easy to remove. Be extreme­ly care­ful not to strip the screws, or it might be a costly mis­take.


  1. Grand Seiko tita­ni­um bracelets are pin-collar type, see here for a guide.

  2. If you choose to remove both screws, you can use a gener­ic bracelet adjust­ment push pin to push the pin out. It should slide out effort­less­ly with­out requir­ing a jew­el­ry hammer.